About Us

Oz Moulds & Rubbers began in 1998 due to the frustration of refitting existing mouldings that were wrinkled, stretched, missing, snapped off or had shrunk, the options were minimal. They either had to use expensive genuine mouldings, or the dreaded fir tree type moulding, which often led to a messy and ugly finished job.

Started by owners Mick & Vicki Bourke, they used their industry knowledge (owning and running a windscreen business for over 22 years until 2008) to develop a few different aftermarket type mouldings in 16 metre lengths (later increased to 25 metres and also rolled onto a spool) These moulds suited a number of different vehicles.

In years ahead as OZ added more mouldings to the range as more and more cars required different style moulds, like underside, inverted & square corner windscreen moulds. Mick also developed one piece model specific mouldings that not only made it easier to replace these windscreens, but also made it cost effective to the consumer compared to buying from a dealer (OEM).

Oz was growing fast, and the need for mouldings also went with a need for consumables and tools, and as time went by, they were introduced as needed and required using customer feedback to make sure that the right products were stocked.

It really was something that the industry needed, and more spool moulding types are still developed to this day. Oz’s one piece moulds are also developing into a better product as we head towards our moulds being as close to, if not better than the genuine (PVC). With the ability to offer variable side (rain drip channels) and wire encased mouldings to eliminate stretching, we now have over 250 genuine type model specific moulds.

Today Oz has become a one stop shop for auto glazing businesses across Australia and stretching into N.Z. We have secured deals with many reputable companies in Australia and overseas to ensure supply will never be an issue.

OZ is driven by values that Mick & Vicki had always believed strongly in and carried on from the windscreen business, listening to their customers needs, following through with requests and finding out what the industry needs most, and how they can help.

Oz is constantly on the lookout for new products and also new potential problem mouldings, and trying our best to stay one step ahead of them.