Christmas Tree Mould Remover

Fir Tree Mould Assistance Tool
$32.00 incl tax
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Without the right tools, Christmas tree mouldings are often difficult to remove. Sometimes, you can not find a place to start prying them up. Flat screwdrivers do not always fit under them because the mouldings lie tight against the glass. Even if you get a flat screwdriver under them, you still damage the mouldings since you can not get the proper leverage to remove them. Equalizer’s Christmas tree moulding remover solves these problems. It is thin enough to fit under mouldings and wide enough so the tool will not tear them. The long curve gives you leverage to pry against the glass. The wide shank is coated with a piece of soft plastic so it absorbs shock and is less likely to break the glass. Warning! This tool is intended to pry Christmas tree mouldings. Prying anything else may damage the tool and will void your warranty! Made in USA.

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