Glass Bot LION

Glass Bot wire and fiber line removal tool

This is our Technician Kit, it contains everything you need to get started with automating your removals if your shop already has the Milwualkee M18 Litithum Ion Battery System. 

Glass Bot™ Lion Genesis Technician Kit

This is the Glass Bot™, a powerful machine that provides the ultimate control and results in glass removal systems. Proven proformance and quallity, we back our products with a lifetime warranty.

The Variable-Speed Pistol Grip Remote Control on the Glass Bot™ provides precise control over the cutting speed, from a gentle tug in the corners where the cutting is tough, to full speed ahead up A-pillars and across roof lines where the urethane is much easier to cut and the results are you go to your next job sooner. The litium ion battery system provides more power longer that previous systems.

This Kit includes our new Glass Bot™ Lite for side, back and overhead glass removal,  body moldings and emblems. The Glass Bot™ Lite is powered via a drill motor and we strongly recommend a clutched drill. The Glass Bot™ Lite provides additional access to parts too small for the Glass Bot™. Powered via a cordless drill motor, the Glass Bot™ Lite is small, but powerful.

We also updated this kit with our new APEX Corner Tool. The APEX Corner Tool is an exceptional addition to our Glass Bot™ Automated Glass Removal System. It provide greater alignment of the Cutting Element for superior cutting and improves access to corners, which reduces time.

The Glass Bot™ Lion Genesis Technicain Kit contains the following items:

Glass Bot™ Lion Genesis

Glass Bot Lite

2 - Dash Protection Sheets

T-Handle Wire Starter

1 Spool Flex-Cut Wire in Speed Dispenser, 164 ft (50m)

SSCE Cutting Element Spool (200 ft.)

Needle Nose Pliers/Wire Cutter

Pulley/Anchor Cup

APEX Corner Tool

All in a Wide Mouth Ballistic Nylon Padded Tool Bag.

Glass Bot LION Glass Bot LION
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